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Watch This Sp_ce
100 Church Street
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Business Consultant
Shaping a new future where diversity drives success. Challenging everything you think you know. Let us help you reimagine how you do everything to include everyone.

At Watch This Sp_ce, we know that diversity and inclusion increase productivity, motivation, engagement, results and profits. We're here to help businesses create inclusive cultures to reap all the benefits they provide.

We offer training, coaching, marketing and consultation services to help you address the gaps in your organisation and build a solid foundation for success.
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Our mission is to reinvent the world of work. We believe that everyone deserves to be valued for their unique contribution and abilities. We believe that no one should be excluded, silenced or held back. We believe that a greater variety of voices leads to greater innovation. We believe that happiness drives productivity and improves performance. We believe purpose grows profits.

We can work with you to recruit, retain and develop a more diverse workforce to ensure you have a more even balance at all levels of your business and to give you the benefit of the best mix of skills and ideas. We can help you to ensure your conferences and events have a diverse range of speakers and panelists or assist you in identifying varied experts for interviews.

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20% discount on ALL online training courses. Use code WORTHChamber

Are you thinking about diversity and inclusion for your organisation and not sure where to start? Our online training courses will help. We have developed 3 training courses to help people start to think about how to be more inclusive

- Challenge Your Assumptions - to learn about all our unconscious biases and how we can overcome them
- Inclusive Communication - learn actionable ways to make a variety of communication methods accessible and appealing to all
- Inclusive Leadership - learn how to manage and support a wide range of people, and enable everyone to reach their full potential

Bundle of all 3 courses available. Courses start at £40 to make them accessible for everyone.

Use discount code WORTHChamber to get 20% off all training courses and bundles

Email: hello@watchthisspace.uk if you have any questions