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products to help you return to your workplace safely 

This web page features Chamber members who are currently selling products to help you and your workforce return to work safely.
Please email lauren@worthingandadurchamber.co.uk if you are a Chamber member and would like us to put your products on this page. 

L&S Office Protective Screen Solutions

L&A Office are selling a number of protective screen solutions to ensure a safe working environment. Below are a list of the types of screens that L&S Office have in stock. 

Desk mounted high screens - Fabric

  • High desktop screens with optional return screens
  • Supplied with brackets to fit all 25mm desktops 
  • Additional foam layer between outer fabric and MFC core

Desk division floor standing screens - Fabric

  • Protections on the surface and behind the desk to minimalise contact 
  • With height adjustable base so the divider rests on the worktop
  • Ideal for desk clusters, workstations, tables and production lines 

Screen toppers - Printed 

  • Supplied with universal brackets to fit all existing screens 
  • Provide cough and sneeze barriers between employees 
  • Choose from three biophilic designs to add some colour to the workplace 

Desk division floor standing screens - MFC

  • Flexible, versatile and easy to wipe clean to remove germs 
  • Protection on the surface and behind the desk to minimalise contact
  • With height adjustable base so the divider rests on the worktop 

Free standing 2-sided high screens - Fabric 

  • Ideal for use on single desks or desk clusters 
  • Easy to install, sits on the desktop with no brackets required
  • Provides a cough and sneeze barrier to reduce the risk of infection

Desk mounted high screens - Acrylic 

  • Supplied with G-brackets to fit all 25mm desktops 
  • Ensures users are separated but can maintain visual contact 
  • Clear screens, easy to maintain and supports anti-bacterial cleaning 

Free standing high screens - Acyrlic 

  • Supplied with metal feet for perfect stability on the worktop 
  • Ensures users are separated but can maintain visual contact 
  • Clear screens, easy to maintain and supports anti-bacterial cleaning 

Screen toppers - Acrylic 

  • Supplied with universal brackets to fit all existing screens 
  • Ensures users are separated but can maintain visual contact
  • Clear screens, easy to maintain and supports anti-bacterial cleaning 

Free standing high screens with cutouts - Acrylic 

  • Clear screens with letterbox-style cutouts to safely pass documents
  • Anti-bacterial protection ideal for workstations, hotels and receptions 
  • Supplied with metal feet for perfect stability on the worktop

For more information on the above Protective Screens please click here

Clear polyvinyl protective desk screens

Their clear polyvinyl protective screens with aluminium frames protect against infection in a wide variety of settings including offices, dining areas, breakout spaces and all public places. The screens are fire retardant and anti-microbial to reduce the risk of airborne germs between colleagues and visitors from sneezing and coughing, to aid compliance with social distancing requirements whilst maintaining a high level of visibility. 

  • Versatile partition screens with sturdy white aluminium frame 
  • Anti-microbial and easy to clean and disinfect 
  • Polyvinyl is a flexible material and is supplied on a roll 
  • 300mm white feet which can be positioned along bottom frame
  • Ensures users are separated but can maintain visual contact
  • Easy to assemble with no tools required

For more information on the above Clear Polyvinyl Protective Desk Screens, please click here.

www.lsoffice.co.uk | sales@lsoffice.co.uk | 01903 762429

Update from Adur & Worthing Council

Dear Business Owner

We know that the last three months will have been among the most challenging that you have faced due to the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent lockdown. With the government now indicating that these restrictions are slowly being lifted, I know many of you will be focusing your attention on recommencing your trading operations.

As many of you will be aware, on Monday 15 June our town and village centres will start to re-open, as shops selling non-essential goods are allowed to begin trading again.

The government has clearly set out that businesses are required to ensure adequate safety measures are in place that adhere to UK government guidelines and display a downloadable notice to reassure customers around COVID secure guidance and safety.

Retailers will also need to take certain steps to protect customers and staff, including limiting the number of customers allowed inside at one time, placing protective coverings on large items which may be touched by passing shoppers, and frequently checking and cleaning objects and surfaces. This also includes maintaining socially distanced queues outside your premises so they do not negatively impact other businesses and passing pedestrians.

We know that adapting to this “new normal” will take time to bed in. To help, we have collated a range of information and advice from trusted sources on our website which can be accessed at www.adur-worthing.gov.uk/coronavirus/business-advice. Our Public Health & Regulation team is also on hand to answer any specific queries on risk assessments that you may have.

At Adur & Worthing Councils we want to make sure that we continue to support your business and the town centres as a whole. We are working with partners, such as West Sussex County Council, Worthing TCI, Sussex Police and traders’ organisations, to make sure our town centres and urban areas are not only safe but also welcoming.

You may have noticed additional signage appearing in our town centres. This is to help guide pedestrian flow and further remind our communities and visitors of the need to stay safe through socially distancing.
As our retail re-opens and lockdown eases we are aware that footfall within our town centres will increase. As a result we are implementing a number of temporary measures as a part of the larger Safer Town Centres initiative, such as the widening of pavements through on-road parking suspensions and temporary road closures.

Finally, I want to say thank you for your ongoing support to our town centres which really are the beating heart of our communities. If the last few months have underlined anything it is the importance of working together. So if there are any issues or concerns that you may have around this important issue then please do get in touch.

Wishing you all the best for the foreseeable future.
Tina Favier
Acting Director  for Housing and Wellbeing

Andy Willems
Head of Place & Economy

Gemini Print - Product Guide 

Gemini Print have created a product guide that includes a range of products both designed and manufactured to help businessses, large and small, manage the outbreak of COVID 19. From desk screens and dividers to social distancing floor graphics for both the public and private sector. Please refer to our contents page to navigate your way through the brochure describing each product.

Please click here to view the product guide

Any queries or further information please do not hesitate to contact us direct; Tel: 01273 086206 or email: info@gemini-print.co.uk 

PET Clear Screens for sale - Subway EPS

Subway EPS have just started selling 220mic PET clear screens, at 2000mm x 850mm wide for £85 + VAT. 2000mm x 1000mm wide for £95 + VAT. 

These screens are cheaper and bigger than perspex and as floor standing can be placed between work benches. They can be wiped down and easily moved around creations sections of safe areas. 

Chamber members recieve a 10% discount! Click here to view members offers page. 

For more information visit www.subwayeps.com 

Get back to business safely....with the Type II 3 Ply Face Mask

Single use, type II, lightweight 3 ply disposable face mask, with elasticated straps. Helps to prevent large particles expelled by the wearer from reaching others in their environment. Suitable for civilian day to day use. Conforms to: EN14683 type II standard. 

From £0.59 based on 2000 pieces 

Low minimum order quantity of 50 masks (1 box). 

For more information click here

Chamber members receive a 10% discount! Click here to view the Chamber members offers page 


IR Forehead Thermometer - member offer

The Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd (ETI) R & D team have been, and still are, very busy developing a RayTemp Forehead IR Thermometer.  It was our aim for this product to be in production by now however, due to technical issues and applying for the necessary Government approvals, this hasn’t been possible and we are now, looking to release this product in late June/early July. 

In the meantime, due to unprecedented demand, we’ve been able to source a quality IR Forehead Thermometer from a well-established existing supplier which is CE1639 approved (manufactured in accordance with Class II EU Medical Device Directives 93/42 EEC) and is suitable for measuring the body temperature of adults and children of all ages.  As lockdown restrictions begin to relax, many businesses will be looking at temperature technology to help keep their employees and customers safe.  The IR Forehead thermometer is ideal for checking the temperature of employees and customers in offices, shops, warehouses, schools, restaurants etc., and can also be used at home for family members.  We have limited stocks of this product arriving in early June which we will be offering exclusively on our website (maximum five units per customer) with a further shipment scheduled to follow in late June.  Please help us to spread the word by sharing our social media posts relating to this.  

If any member would like to buy a IR Forehead Thermometer you can via the ETI website, and you can get a 25% discount using this members special discount code CHAM-25

The official requirements to return to the workplace and a practical approach to managing this return.

As more businesses prepare to ask staff back to the offices, it is clear that, not only must they manage the physical separation now required to keep them safe, but also offer reassurance to all who may be feeling anxious when using communal spaces such as shared kitchens and toilet facilities, or simply when entering the building. The threat of the virus is real but the threat to our mental health is perhaps more so as we return to our workplaces.

The Government has now issued clear rules regarding what must be adhered to when staff return to work, and for most organisations it is going to unfortunately be both disruptive and an unwelcome expense in the current climate. At Mocha, we have been through the 32 page document with a fine tooth comb and have assessed that the following key points issued relating to office and call centre workers are:

  • Staff must retain a 2m distance between each other when working if at all possible
  • If this is not possible screens or barriers to separate staff must be installed
  • Back to back or side to side working is better than face to face
  • Frequency of surface cleaning must be increased
  • Increased hand washing throughout the day should be maintained
  • No sharing of items – pens, cups, personal storage units
  • No hot desking – one desk, one member of staff
  • No communal touchpads to access rooms or conference calls
  • Hand sanitiser should be available at all entry and exit points and in lifts
  • Cleaning wipes are to be provided for keyboards, handles, printers
  • Additional bins to be provided for used wipes
  • The number of contact points should be reduced – if possible have multiple coffee points for a few staff rather than communal kitchen for all
  • Operate a ‘one-way’ system around the office with floor signage to clearly show route and direction of travel
  • Stagger arrival and leaving times to reduce traffic in lifts and on stairways
  • Where possible staff should remain working from home

A link to the complete document can be found here